Start of 2017 <3

Oh heyyyy! well first of all I wanna introduce myself, I’m mich from Philippines 😀 I’m going to show my bitter/sweet life hah, i’m new here so bare with my mistakes ;).

This is my first post, our hiking experience in Mt. Cayabu & Mt. Maynoba (Tanay Rizal) starts of our 2017, so i’m the one who organized and look for a good but cheap mountain activity on net after a long searching we chose Mt. Cayabu & Mt. Maynoba, I found a good travel group on facebook named NAKASONE TRAVEL and TOURS just search it on fb. I will recommend them guys! they’re nice and good to negotiate with, they will make sure the safety and wants of the people who joined with them 😀

So yeah lets go back to my story, around 12 midnight we need to travel for almost 1-2 hours to Tanay Rizal happy that no one’s late, we got there 3am meet the tourist guide gives us instructions, pray before leave and start to walk. Still dark when we started so i’m afraid that i wouldn’t see the path, forget my glasses 😦 haha luckily they gave us head lamp. A tip for you guys that if you will try to come here just bring a lot of water and use a proper rubber shoes or any kind of mountain shoes cause damn its so sticky, muddy and slippery over there, I slipped many times there. We all got up around 6am in the morning you’ll see the pictures down below ,so breathtaking, all the hardships way up is all worth it, additional to the activities is the 8 fountains located in mountains they will allow you to swim so you’ll enjoy it to the fullest, sorry I forgot to take a photo of them.

So if the way up is hardship ofc going back to the camp site is likewise also haha. Not to scare you guys but this is what I experienced being hiker isn’t easy, this is one of my lifestyle now 😀 this is what fun means to me, look forward to my next mountain experience, oh I forgot to tell you this is my 2nd time the first one is on San Jose Bulacan Mt. Balagbag.

Love to share this to all of you well see ya nextime ❤



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